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Arun Valley/Makalu trek


This Arun Valley region is located within the Makalu Barun National Park, which established in 1992 as National’s eight national park and covered about 2330 sq. km surrounded by Arun river in the east, Sagaramatha national park on the west and boarder to the south. This region is blessed with incredible diversity of natural beauty and reach culture of rai Limbu and Sherpa. On the north, walking up along the Arun river until Num and then crossing the Barun La, situated at the elevation of 4110 m. into upper Barun Khola Valley for close senic view of Mt. Makalu (8463 m.)

Park rules:
Till 1993, there was no official entrance station, so no fee was collected. Now, we have to pay national park entrance fee, checked by park office at Khanbari. Fees for Video Cameras and restriction on firewood use as rules of the park.


Day       Camp site                  Elevation               Walking Distance

01.          Tumlingtar                   460m                          1 hours flight

02.          Mane Bhanjyang         1100m                        6 hours

03.          Chichela                      1830m                         6 hours

04.           Num                            1830m                         7 hours

05.           Seduwa                       1460m                        6 hours

06.           Tashigaun                    2070m                       6 hours

07.            Dhanda Kharka           unknown                  4 hours

08.            Thulopokhari               3470m                       7 hours

09.            Yangle Kharka            unknown                    7 hours

10.            Jack Kharka                unknown                    6 hours

11.             Sherson                       4615m                       6 hours

12.             Makalu Base Camp     5000m                     5 hours

13.             Sightseeing and day trip to Makalu BC

14.             Jack Kharka                unknown                     6 hours

15.             Fedingma                    unknown                     6 hours

16.            Sanopokhari                unknown                      7 hours

17.            Tashigaun                    2070m                          8 hours

18.            Isuwa Khola                760m                             7 hours

19.            Pukuwa Village           550m                             7 hours

20.            Bumlingtar                  370m                              6 hours

21.            Setighat                       300m.                             6 hours

22.            Thumlingtar                 460m.                            5 hours.

23.            Kathmandu                 1331m                         Back to Kathmandu   


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