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Chitwan Chepang Village/ Siraichuli Trekking


 A new trail has been identified which offers magnificent sunrise and sunset views from the top of Siraichuli hill. A panoramic view of the Himalayas, a mixture of experiences of hills and Terai, Cultural Experiences of Chepang and other ethnic groups, bird watching, home-stay and other natural attractions make this trail a must to visit. Chitwan literally means “heart of the jungle”. In recent years Chitwan tops the list of things to do in Asia. Chitwan is a true wildlife adventure – jungle safaris on elephant back or in jeeps, bird watching, and canoe trips offer a different perspective of the teeming forest.

Beside this Chitwan now offers a short new experience to trekkers. The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail, offers a rare combination of cultural and sightseeing experience. One of the most interesting aspects of the trek is getting a glimpse of the Chepangs and other local communities who live in this mid-hill region of Nepal. Accepting the invitation of the villagers to stay in their beautiful homes as guests and sharing their meals is a journey of discovery in itself. The unique culture in this area in addition to natural attractions adds to the charm of the experience. The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail begins at Hugdi, between Mugling and Krishna Bhir in Dhading district about 80 km from Kathmandu, and ends in Shaktikhor. If one starting from the Chitwan National Park the trail can also be started from Shaktikhor ending at Hugdi.

Day 01: Kathmandu – Hugdi Bazaar - Hattibang Drive to Hugdi
Trek from Hugdi and overnight at Hattibang, observe cultural show. Local handicrafts on sale. 3 hrs Drive from Ktm. 4-5 hrs trek. Overnight: Hattibang (Home stay or Community guest house)

Day 02: Hattibang–Jautesh – Changa – Dinglang –Jyandala
Trek to Jautesh- Changa-Dinglang and overnight at Jyandala, a pure Chepang village. 3 hrs Trek overnight: Jyandala (Home stay and Camping)

Day 03: Jyandala –Siraichuli- Chisapanitar
Gadi Trek to Siraichuli for mountain views, sunrise or sunset. Trek to Chisapanitar for Bird watching. Trek to Gadi to observe historical fort at Gadi. Trek 1 hr to Siraichuli, Trek 4 hrs from Siraichuli to Chispanitar, Trek 1½ hrs from Chisapanitar to Gadi) Overnight: Gadi (Home stay or Camping)

Day 04 Gadi-Shaktikhor
Trek down from Gadi to Shaktikhor. Cultural experience at Shaktikhor, observe Chepang Museum, MUVIC. Trek to Sinti water fall and Sinti Cave Village walk, cultural show by Chepangs, Magars. Trek 3 hrs. from Gadi to Shaktikhor/ Trek 2 hrs from Shaktikhor to Sinti. Overnight: Shaktikhor (Home stay)

Day 05: Depart to Kathmandu or Chitwan National Park
drive from Shaktikhor to either National Park tours or to Kathmandu.


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