Our Team

Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking (P.) Ltd is a group of young, intelligent, educated teams in Nepal who have been working for a long time in this field. Trip with Yeti Mountaineering and Trekking is one of the most reliable trekking agencies in Nepal. We organize for your whole trip at a reasonable price. “The Customer is God”, customers satisfaction is our goal. Our service will fulfill your desire. We know that for many, a visit to Nepal is a once in a life time opportunity. Being able to make your dream come true is greatly satisfying to us.  Our guides are all trained and government registered guides in Nepal.  Our guides qualifications extend to different fields like, city tours, peak climbing, remote and hidden valley area trekking, as well as the more frequently visited trekking areas and hiking in the Nepalese hills. Our mountains are very beautiful and we gain great pleasure from helping trekkers enjoy them. While trekking in Nepal with us, safety is foremost in our mind .For this reason all our guides took High altitude First Aid training. As well as the stunning scenery trekkers often find it interesting to hear bits and pieces about local culture, religions, norms, caste history and environmental issues. This helps the trekker appreciate the different world they have stepped into. Our clients have always felt this has enriched their trip.


  1. Ghanayshayam Paudel
  2. Ishowari
  3. Pem Ngima Sherpa
  4. Rinjan Sherpa
  5. Ashok Kumar Tamang