Our Terms and Conditions

These Booking Terms and Conditions contain important information. It is essential that you read them carefully and understand them. The Booking Terms and Conditions constitutes a legally binding contract between Yeti

Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd.  And you for the services provided by and set out the basis of your legal relationship with Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

1:Bookings and Payments

(A) To process a Booking you must send us a completed booking form with 25% non-refundable deposit as detailed below. This will constitute acceptance by you of these Terms and Conditions. We require you a copy of passport and a passport size current photo.

(B) All deposits required are per person per trip. Please contact us regarding direct deposit details. A bank service charge should be paid at the time of deposit. We will have receipt of deposit amount from our bank.

(C ) For Credit Card payment. We accept Visa or MasterCard and a 4% levy will be added for card processing fee.

(D) Remaining balance is required to pay before the trip departure date. Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel your trip should the full amount not be paid in time.

( E)Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. will not accept any draft Cheque which take long process to


2: Cancellation & Booking Changes

(A) When Trip confirmed and done the payment. And if you cancel the trip any circumstances ,25% will be chargeable from your full trip payment.

(B) if any circumstances which can’t start the trip, such no fly bad weather, landslide or politically problem, Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. suggested to organize similar trip. ,if clients want cancel the trip and not using other suggested trip, we will calculate of the expenses cost such, permit, Hotel, Tax, rest of monies will be refund.

(c) If you are prevented from traveling on the tour by genuine circumstances, for example (without restriction) because of death, injury or serious illness of the passenger, close relative or friend, redundancy or jury service, you may postpone or transfer your booking to another person, provided they meet all the requirements relating to that tour. You must provide proof of why you are unable to travel at the time you change your booking. There will be no options available 14 days before trip departure.


3: Changes to your Holiday and Pricing

Traveling with Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. requires a degree of flexibility, good humor and an understanding that modes of transport, accommodation and itineraries may change, even after the tour has commenced, without prior notice due to local circumstances such as flight delay, cancellation or postponement due to notorious weather in the Himalayan regions or other unpredictable circumstances such as land-slides, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest or delay arrival etc. Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. is unable to refund any monies under the above circumstances due to prior supplier arrangements. If possible we will always endeavor to provide you an alternative or substitute trip of same category.

(A) Monies will not be refundable if you came early from your trip. Due to walk fast, tired or any reason. Even we are unable to provide extra Night Hotel , meal etc.

(B) We do not accept any responsibility for loss on employment, delays or compensation resulting from situations beyond trip control.

(C) Our holidays, tour / trek packages, are based on twin share accommodation. Thus, single room supplement charge will be imposed to clients who do not have another tour participant to share accommodation with.

(D) We reserve the right to revise pricing rates posted in our marketing material, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control, for instance changes in exchange rate, government action etc.


4.Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all Clients undertaking any tour. It should provide adequate protection for the full duration of the tour to cover personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter rescue, air ambulance and adequate cover for baggage.


5.Health & Fitness

All our Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. require a level of fitness, there for you should always check with your local GP regarding your health and fitness before you travel. It’s the client’s responsibility to notify Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. of any pre-existing medical condition and/or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of you required medical attention, that may affect your ability to travel.



You agree that Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. may use images of you taken during the trip without recourse to you and without compensation to you, for publicity and promotion purposes only through whatever medium it chooses.



In order to collect information from you to making a booking through Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. we ask many questions to obtain the necessary permits etc. No private or personal information that you supply to us when making a booking will be disclosed for any other purposes.


8.Risk & Liabilities

We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a life time journey in this connection, we perform our duties honestly & seriously to make your journey very smooth & pleasant. However, the entire programs in Nepal are conducted strictly under the rules and regulation of theirs’ own policies.

Therefore Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. and its related organization shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstance such as govt. restriction, Land slide, road blockage, flood, snow political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident, Any extra cost incurring there of shall be borne by the clients on the spots.


9.Our Responsible Tourism Policy

Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. are re-inventing tourism for the benefit of local people, tourists, environment and the tourism industry at large. We ask that you read our Responsible Travel and Ethnic Tourism policy in detail before you book your holiday with us, as we expect that you will adhere to our policy and guidelines while traveling with us.